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Read my Reviews

"Ok so today 1/15/18 myself and my teammate both got massages I got Susan and she had Lora . Lets just say both were simply amazing !!!!! Lets start with Susan I got a swedish massage and everything about it was GREAT! Esp when she stretched my neck which is always tense and tight and I love my feet rubbed and she was perfect from start to finish . I so wish I could pack her in my bag and bring her home with me . My teammate got a deep tissue by Lora . She expressed how Lora hit places she didn’t know were tense it put her right to sleep . Both were perfect . We both feel great and very relaxed !!! After playing multiple football games."

Danielle A. and Knyesha H., - 1/15/2018

"I got a massage today from Lora. It was the best massage I've ever had. I have 3 new litters of puppies so there is lots of bending. I had lots of back pain and my legs were so sore I was having trouble walking. Now, after just 2 hours I have so much less pain that I was able to do some walking (around the pool) and tomorrow I will be doing some yoga. Lora is wonder woman to me!! Thank you, Lora and I will be back soon to let you work more magic!!"

Suzanne Q., - 12/20/2017

"Susan is a true expert in massage therapy and understood my body and the massage it needed within minutes of her first touch. She worked deeply into the muscles with an awareness and gentleness that allowed her to provide a deep yet relaxing massage. The intimate room, aromatherapy from natural oils and peaceful, relaxing music were an added bonus. A must experience that you will most assuredly want again... and as often as possible."

Dennis M., - 11/8/2016

"Susan bound some muscles I didn't know I had & explained to me- what they do, how they connect to other parts of my body, & why she had to massage those- to help make my other parts feel better- Great hands !!! Thanks"

Teresa B., - 4/10/201

"I have chronic fibromyalgia-allover pain-even to the touch. Susan's sensitive enough to work on my painful areas without causing more pain and she gets the job done! I have headaches regularly and she helped me get relief. My son and husband also benefit from her therapeutic stretching and massage. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

M.S., - 2/24/2016

"Susan Ford is one of a few experienced massage therapist, that truly understands the body and muscles. She knows exactly what to work on and how to approach the problem area that you are suffering from. She is truly worth your time and hard earned money. I would highly recommend you giving her a try if you need results. I know I am glad I did."

Linda F., - 11/24/2015

"I was having issues with my arm...could not even raise it above my head...shortly after my first session with Susan, I began to feel relief. After the second session a few weeks later, I must say my arm has almost gotten the full range of motion back. The comfort level with Susan is fantastic...she knows her stuff ! I will be a regular client from now on...."

Dawn P., - 8/15/2015

"Susan is very knowledgeable about the body and massage techniques. She has helped me recover after neck and head trauma suffered in a rear end collision. She has also worked on my ankle after a complete roll over which resulted in multiple sprains/strains and a lateral tear in a tendon. She has a gift for sensing areas that are in need of stimulation and relieving tension."

Sheila D., - 8/2/2015

"I was experiencing severe lower back trouble, impeding my ability to sleep or do anything else. Susan was able to identify the deep tissues to treat, and provided immediate relief! Thank you so much, I can breathe again!"

Robb W., - 7/23/2015

"Susan is a gifted massage therapist and is well prepared for her clients creating a soothing- calm environment that invites you to relax. She is experienced and knows how to work the entire muscle structure in the body from the base of your feet to the tip top of the head. I always leave feeling as light as a feather yet simultaneously invigorated. She listens and I learn from her. She helped me with my vertigo back in January. She's my #1 choice in Bradenton."

Margaret G., - 5/15/2015

"Susan improved the mobility in my hand in just a few minutes after being somewhat deformed for over ten years. I'm positive she'll be able to get rid of my back pain in no time. Three thumbs up!"

Debbie M., - 4/21/2015

"As a massage therapist for 21 years I have a hard time finding one I love. When I am in fla. Visiting family, I make time to see Susan. Just Love her. She is amazing !"

Betsy P., - 4/19/2015

"I've had 2 massage treatments. I went for stiff neck pain and after the first visit I felt great. I had the second visit a week later and it helped again. I felt so much better when I left Susan's. She has wonderful healing hands, and is a Christian which I appreciated. I made appmt for my husband, and he LOVED his massage. He said he almost felt euphoric after he left Susan's."

M. Sue L., - 3/31/2015

"Susan is helping me so much. She stretches me first, I find it impossible to stretch myself. After I have been to her, I feel great. I wish I could see her every week or even a couple times a week. I can recommend her to anyone. She listens and does for you what you need. Thank you Susan."

K. F., - 3/22/2015

"I have been going to Susan for quite a while and she "listens" to my concerns and gets right to it. I have had extensive back surgery that has resulted in very tight muscles in several areas and she knows just what to do, sometimes incorporating stretches into the massage. And her new location is wonderful and has an elevator that helps with those who have trouble with stairs. Need I say more!!"

Marilou S., - 3/21/2015

"Susan is not afraid to dig right in when she finds the problem area. She has been working on me now for awhile and every time she finds the problem and goes to work to get it to release the tension. So glad I found her, and her new location is very convenient for those of us north of the river. "

T.N., - 3/11/2015

"Susan Ford gives the best healing massage you will ever have... she will find the problem and fix it. "

Barb K., - 2/19/2015

"Susan is quite knowledgeable in her wellness massage practice. She provides a knowing touch and uses a great practical approach to your individual concerns."

Kenneth J., - 1/31/2015

"I developed a sciatica problem a few days ago and was advised that Susan at Suriel Touch might be able to help me reduce the pain associated with this. After an introductory massage and recommended stretches, I am markedly better and am very satisfied with the outcome. Of course, I still have some problems but the pain has been substantially reduced and hope that it will continue to diminish. Thanks Susan for all your help."

Andre D., - 1/27/2015

"I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience at Suriel Touch. Susan was able to realign a toe which had been out of socket for several years and increase my blood circulation. In addition, she was able to locate many other pressure points which needed attention. It was a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a thoroughly professional massage therapist. Thank you Susan for a job well done"

Maria M., - 1/23/2015

"I was in desperate need of some relief and Susan gave it to me, Thank you! I am feeling much better,"

Penney W., - 1/21/2015

"After experiencing Susan's amazing, healing gift of mind, body, spirit massage, I leave with these thoughts: I must let others know how important a visit with Susan would be to their well-being, and I look forward to my next appointment. Susan truly is special! "

Jim K., - 1/20/2015

"Susan's ability to diagnose and fix the problem is really a gift. I always leave feeling so much better. "

E.C., - 1/20/2015

"Susan knows her stuff - you will not be disappointed. She listens and works on the areas you are having problems with. Her massages are wonderful!"

T.N., - 1/14/2015

"Susan is the best, if you are in pain or just want to relax, Susan is the best! This is relief at it's best. Susan just knows what to do when working out the kinks. "

C. G., - 12/15/2014

"Susan is a great massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable about trigger points and acupressure. I always feel 100% better after a massage with her. "

Patricia O., - 12/7/2014

"Susan Ford is not only a wonderful massage therapist but she will stretch you also, when needed. Susan is a very caring person who asks lots of questions to discover your problem and helps you solve it. Or, if you don't have a specific problem she just makes you feel good!!"

Marilou S., - 12/6/2014

"My knee was collapsing in pain due to my really tight IT Band down the right leg. Thought my zumba and ballroom dancing days were over until I had a treatment by Susan Ford at Suriel Touch. She used a special isolated stretching technique, acupressure, reflexology and deep massage. My whole body and especially my right leg felt renewed after one treatment. I immediately booked a follow-up session & highly recommend Susan for her skill & knowledge in this healing field."

Barb K., - 12/2/2014

"October 2014 Susan provided a great massage. She is very knowledgeable, versatile and caring, tailoring the massage exactly to your needs. I felt so good that two more massage have been scheduled. Also, hers is a small studio and I feel that when you find a local business that is it!"

Marylin B., - 10/24/2014

"before going to susan I went to a chiropractor and was told I had pulled muscles in lower back-was treated in his office and withing 1 hour,pain was back! so went to Dr and told him what chiro said and was given an anti-inflammatory pill and no exam-he said if it isn't better in 1 month then hv to get an MRI-so got in with the healer/miracle worker again and I had 5 discs in my back out and by this couldn't hardly walk,shes AMAZING!!!! what a gifted and caring person!!!!!"

Sharon S., - 10/3/2014

"I have never left without feeling 99% better at least by the next day. Look forward to each appointment. Several family members are using this service and benefitting from it. "

Dorothy M., - 9/13/2014

"Susan was not only a very nice person but a very adept at massage and how the body functions. She brought me great relief from my pain in my head and neck. I have not seen a chiropractor in months and was experiencing great discomfort. I appreciate all the extra time spent getting to know my issues before she started our session. I plan on going back!"

N.W., - 8/2/2014

"Susan consistently manages to get me relief from muscle problems caused by luggage handling, backpacks and everyday activities. Her talents and ability are really first rate."

E.C., - 7/26/2014

"Susan is an amazing massage therapist. She responds to your needs and does so very well. I highly recommend her services.."

A.S., - 7/23/2014

"I was so relieved after seeing Susan, she was able to free my neck up so that I was able to turn my head again. I have had years of constant neck problems of one sort or another and when they flare up my neck locks up. Thank You Susan I will be back again. "

T.N. - 7/16/2014

"I saw Susan for the first time and she does a great job. Different from what I have had before. She was very insightful of what she was doing and targeted areas where my issues were. I didn't have to tell her she could tell where they were. I am looking forward to my next visit."

J.W., - 6/10/2014

"I have been to Suriel Touch on several occasions. Susan has provided exceptional treatment and care on each visit. She has been able to release deep tissue issues in both my shoulders and hands. (important if you are a guitarist!) I look forward to the visits and am delighted with the results. She has also worked wonders on my wife."

Richard L., - 6/5/2014

"I almost enjoy the pain of the deep tissue massage:). Just joking, I never do but I know that Susan will work though stubborn kinks out of my neck and shoulders"

P.G., - 6/2/2014

"Susan is so good, she has been working out my sciatica problems for about a month now. I am using less and less pain relievers after each visit. She really know how to work on those painful places and get all the knots out. I will continue going to her!!! "

Christina L., - 5/27/2014

"I have been to Susan for a while and I would recommend her to anyone. My son, who is a chiropractor was here on vacation and I sent him to her and he rated her very highly and was glad I was going to her. She 'listens' to your needs and goes to work. I go to her on a regular basis."

M.S., - 5/24/2014

"Both my wife and I went to Susan's office a few days ago. Thoroughly great visit. I explained where the pain was and she went after it. Very mindful of not applying too much, or too little, pressure. I had several questions and she answered all of them. Bottom line: as soon as we were home, we scheduled another appointment."

Richard L., - 5/6/2014

"I always relax the moment I step into the office. I know that for the next hour all attention is focus on my needs which is great for a change. I love the care and time Susan takes to make sure my massage needs are met."

Pam G., - 5/6/2014

"My first visit with Susie, was great. Was concerned with all the problems I have in my neck but she handled it and I am feeling better than I have in awhile. Looking forward to the next visit."

T.N., - 5/1/2014

"My first visit to Suriel Touch, Susan is great!!! She worked on my problem sciatic pain area, did a fantastic job!! Will definitely be back to her."

Christina L., - 3/20/2014

"With every year it seems the aches and pains accumulate---stiff neck, sore back, knees that hurt and feet that ache. Now that I schedule regular massages with Suriel Touch and Susan, she has peeled back the years. I just don't hurt anymore!"

M. R., - 2/12/2014

"After a car accident and several trips to the doctor for therapy, I received a session with Susan. Mussels that were in knots and causing pain and headaches were relieved for the first time in weeks. With continued treatment from the doctor and Susan I hope to eventually make a complete recovery. Susan is expert at healing through massage."

Colleen G., - 2/3/2014

"I would recommend Susan to anyone. Her rates are reasonable. She is extremely knowledgeable, great touch, knows just how to alleviate pain and tension. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease."

Patricia O., - 1/2/2014

"Susan is the best! She has a knack for finding your issues, and making aches, pains, and tension just fade away. Highly recommend her!"

Jim Z., - Bradenton - 12/5/2013

"As always every time I go see Susan she has the gift of the angels and knows exactly where to go before I say anything!! my left side was frozen up and could barely climb the stairs to get to her and then I was much better, but still in pain and in 3 days it was as if I had a new body!! I waited too long to see her and I wont let this happen again--I stand all day and everything gets out of alignment, but Susan is definitely a healer!!"

Sharon S., Bradenton - 10/3/2013

"Susan introduced me to energy work for an area with a recent injury. What a great help! She is always willing to tailor the session to specific needs."

Evelyn C., Bradenton - 9/27/2013

"This was my third visit and Susan has always been able to find all the trouble spots. The price is right and the service is even better. I will definetly be returning."

Randy B., Bradenton - 9/22/2013

Best massage and also very cheap. It's worth every penny. After you leave u will feel like a new person."

Elena S., Bradenton - 8/28/2013

"Susan is someone who cares. She tweeks her massage to fit your needs. She also recommends others who can address one's other needs. She is great person who always listens to your needs and treats accordingly."

Marilou S., Bradenton - 8/14/2013

"I had a massage on July 9th and another on July 24th. On the 9th I was in so much pain I could not stand it, when I had the massage I noticed a difference right away and even better then after. I went back on the 24th which has even helped me more. Thanks so much Susan ~ I feel like a different person when I leave!"

Darleen S., Bradenton - 7/25/2013

"The minute I enter Suriel Touch waiting room, I relax. i know that I will have a great experience for the next hour."

Pam G., Seffner - 7/24/2013

"I am delighted with the results of the massage therapy I received. Susan has a true gift for finding and working the areas I need help with. I recommend her to all my friends and family!"

Linda W., Bradenton - 7/20/2013

"Do not hesitate. Knowledgeable and professional. The best in town! You can not find and better deal in town. I recommend Susan to everyone. A great gift."

Donn L., Bradenton - 7/11/2013

"I have had 3 massages at Suriel and she is wonderful. Not just good at what she does physically, but the atmosphere she sets up, the way in which she talks and approaches helping you, and her overall care & concern for your well-being."

Beth M., Bradenton - 7/10/2013

"Ms Suriel Touch, Susan Ford will always put your needs first. She has an uncanny ability to recognize what will help you and takes the time to answer your questions. You and your friends should all stop in once. You all will want to return again and again."

B. R., Bradenton - 6/12/2013

"I have been getting massages for over 20 years and Susan at Suriel touch is heaven sent. I highly recommend her for either relaxation or to help recover from a strenuous day!! She will fix it."

Adam M., Bradenton - 5/29/2013

"Special thanks to Susan for her Deep tissue massages! that and two very gentle yoga classes and im almost fully recovered from a pulled muscle last monday...arms, shoulders and hand pain free! YEAH!"

Tommi O., Sarasota - 5/11/2013

"Another massage... Now, home to ice my knee. Thank you Susan! Your AMAZING!!!!! Best massages in town!"

Shannon K., Sarasota - 5/10/2013

"I have been a client for over 3 years and I am still amazing by Susan's talent as a Massage Professional. Due to my health condition, she is always finding ways to relieve the pain I deal with on a daily basis. I know that once I go to her, I will experience several pain free days. I always relaxed the minute I enter her studio. I highly recommend her as well as Bobby to everyone."

Pam G., Sefner - 5/2/2013

"I have been a client for almost 2 years and have always had an excellent experience. I recommend Suriel Touch to my friends and anyone who wants to feel better."

Audrey P., Sarasota - 3/27/2013

"First time customer: Session was infomative, well managed and very much enjoyed. I will be returning!"

James M., Bradenton - 3/25/2013

"I have had oodles of massages and Susan is at the TOP!! She can "feel" where your pain is and works 'til the pain has gone. I can't reccommend her highly enough. Plus, her charges are out of sight!!!"

Joan L., Bradenton - 3/17/13

"I have been going to Suriel touch from almost from the begging. I have great experience every time. I have had great deep tissue massage also have my feet worked on. I have tried other messause work on me but i keep comming back to Susan."

David S., Sarasota - 3/13/13

"As always Susan does an outstanding job,shes gifted in her profession and has insight into our health issues-once again she gets 10 stars!!!! and I always tell my clients at Salon Vogue about her!!!"

Sharon S., Bradenton - 3/3/13

"Felt so good going home. Thank you...thank you. Your fingers have eyes...and thankfully so. So nice to be back and have less pain."

Colleen F., Sarasota - 2/14/13

"We just wanted to thank you for coming and giving massages to our residents. It was a great experience for them and your services were greatly appreciated. Again, thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the future."

Manatee Glens Addiction Center - 12/12/12

"It is my third day since I met Susan and was treated for lower back pain (bulging disc) I must say I am almost 95% pain free after only one visit! She is an amazing therapists! I feel so fortunate that I found her through a friend... Thank you Susan!"

Tina S., Bradenton - 11/15/12

"Susan has a gift unlike any other massage therapist I've been to. Her ability to discover the source of your problem immediately is unique in itself. Her compassion for her patients shows in her work. If you're in pain, don't hesitate to call Susan today."

Glenna E, Bradenton - 11/3/12

"Skilled, Caring, Passionate about her ability to help. I have already referred 3 people to Susan. She gives you the time and attention to resolve your issue and relieve your pain"

Linda W., Parrish - 9/13/2012

"i've been seeing susan for almost 2yrs now and each time i go i think it cant get any better--but every time i go is better and better!!! i was in really bad shoulder and low back pain (as I stand all day w/ my work) and i was hurting,but that only lasted for the rest of the day the next day was heavenly!!! I felt like I had a new body!!! Susan is amazing and im very grateful and blessed to hv found her!!!"

Sharon S., Bradenton - 9/2/2012

"This was my second time at suriel touch and it was as great as the first. Susan fit me into her busy schedule and fixed my back pain. She also gave me helpful hints to improve my body such as drinking more water. She works with you and listens to you. She is truly a great message therapist. She goes above and beyond."

Lori B, Bradenton - 7/14/2012

"I have been getting massages for years. I know the difference between someone who cares and who is just showing up.. great massage, excellent knowledge and works with you not on you.. i have sent her so many satisfied customers.. go see susan.. you will be glad you did."

Adam M., Bradenton - 5/10/2012

"A wonderful massage. My shoulders and back were really loosened up after the massage. A very proficient masseuse."

Nancy J., Bradenton - 4/4/2012

"A Wonderful healing and massage with a beautiful practioner - Susan. Deep muscle massage and Reiki Healing Thank you so much for the work you do."

Taveta G., Sarasota - 3/23/2012

"Susan has, indeed, magic fingers which enable her to zero in on troubled areas in the body. She is slow and methodical as she moves from one area to another, spending extra time on muscles that need attention. Each time I have seen her, I have come away renewed and feeling extremely relaxed and pain free."

Alice G., Bradenton - 1/17/2012

"It was a tough sesion today but totally worth it. Susan takes much time with me and is very patient with me and my condition. I have been to other masseurs and none have been as good as you. Thankyou !"

Connie C, Bradenton - 12/15/2011

"I've been seeing Alyssa now for several months. She's helped tremendously with my lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain and an overall feeling of well being. She's AWESOME with Reflexology in addition to her massage and I believe the reflexology coupled with the massage on a regular basis has helped me tremendously with my chronic illness. She will recommend the best course of action on the day of your visit. Treatments may vary and consequently, they are effective. If you prefer a different technique, she is open to that as well. She is not only a massage therapist but I classify her as a healer as well. She brings a lot of positive energy to your treatments. I highly recommend Alyssa!"

Jill R, Parrish - 12/12/2011

"My experience at Suriel Touch with Susan on a Thursday evening was absolutely awesome!!! This was truly a healing experience. I have severe pain from a major car accident. Susan was able to give my body relief that I have not had in many years. I look forward to enjoying more relief with my future visits! I strongly recommend her. She has a powerful and soothing touch. Thanks for a great experience!"

Aliza F., Bradenton - 11/18/2011

"First time at Suriel Touch was great! Susan really took the time to find out my problems. She discovered things I did not even mention. Was a very eye opening massage. She has incredible hands and I felt great after leaving. I would definitely go back and recommend Suriel touch.Not your every day massage place, more like a doctor diagnosis. Thanks again! "

Lori B, Bradenton - 10/16/2011

"I drove from Sebring to Bradenton (85 miles) to see Bobby for AIS. I feel soooo much better. Bobby was very professional, pleasant and I could tell he knew what he was doing. Thank you, Bobby. I will certainly be calling you again. I would like to follow up again in a few weeks for another session. What a difference in how I feel. I cannot even explain it. Thank you forever more."

Olive P, Sebring - 10/15/2011

"My husband and I have experienced great massage techniques that have helped heal us so much. He describes massages by Alyssa as Angel hands and I know after had my last massage I have 5 really happy dreams that night. I can't ever have 5 pleasant dreams in one month let alone one night. Susan is just as awesome and can really focus on areas you did not even know were effecting your body. I had problem with my ankles and heal making walking (especially in the A.M.) and now wonderful feet."

Virginia G, Bradenton - 9/6/2011

"The best massage I have ever had! Very peaceful and relaxing. The massage was a deep tissue from head to toe. She massaged muscles I never knew I had or used, she has hands of steal and hands that will make you feel like a new person when you leave. I have never experienced something so amazing! If you have a stressful job and need some stress relief, or even just a treat for your self or some one special.. Susan is your girl at Suriel Touch! "

Kayla S, Bradenton - 8/25/2011

"Bobby is a true professional. His stretching technique helps your whole body revitalize and make any muscle related pain go away. After each session you will surely notice a higher tolerance to physical stress due to the fact that each and every muscle is worked on properly. So whether you are an athlete in search of a professional stretching session or just want to get rid of a back pain you got from working behind a desk too often, I recommend you see Bobby"

Cosmin S, Bradenton - 8/22/2011

"Susan has a special gift..I'd heard raving reviews from other clients of hers but, never truly understood until I became a client (patient) myself..she understands the reasons behind & the correction for my aches & pains. She has taught me alot about how to better care for myself & I am so grateful!!"

Michelle B, Bradenton - 7/26/2011

"Susan is wonderful. She has an incredible talent for finding and fixing my issues. I've paid twice as much to other people who were not nearly as good as her. I would recommend her to everyone!"

Jim Z, Bradenton - 7/26/2011

"I have been to massage therapists from Canada to MA and Susan is the best person I have ever had to help me. I pulled my rotater cuff out of place and couldn't work and with her miracle hands she put me back in place!! I also have an exagerated lumbar curve which looks like a sway back horse. I am in constant pain daily and standing all day doesnt help - well, she did some abdominal work on me and it was the very 1st day of my life i didn't have any back pain!!! I will definitely keep gong back and her prices are sooo afffordable i can get more massages,shes a very caring giving and gifted lady and will always go to her!!!"

Sharon S, Bradenton - 7/26/2011

"I've had many massages with many therapists in my life and Susan is not only a therapist but a healer. It's not often you find that combination. She goes above and beyond to meet my needs."

Iris P, Ellenton - 7/14/2011

"I truly appreciate the effort put forth by Suriel touch! Susan has been so accomodating to me as long as I have been her client and now as I am carrying my first child. She has learned with me and we are enjoying the time together. What a great technician and teacher. She truly has the "suriel" touch."

Tina G, Sarasota - 6/13/2011

"I always look forward to my appointments at Suriel Touch with Susan, and now with Alyssa, as well. These two professionals have the magic touch . I don't know how, but Susan always finds what needs to be worked out and I always leave feeling better. Thank you both!"

Colleen F, Sarasota - 6/9/2011

"I had my first massage at Suriel Touch with Alyssa. I use to go to a very expensive salon in Sarasota to get my massage. And paid tons more. Alyssa was the best. She hasa great gift. I loved the consultation before the massage as well. She was very nice and professional. I will go to her from now on."

Timothy C, Bradenton - 6/2/2011

"Went in for lower back pain; Susan ended up finding the tendonitis, in my arm, that has plagued me since February. I left with a completely pain free arm... Oh yeah, my back is better, too!"

Audrey P, Bradenton - 6/2/2011

"As usual, I waited too long In between massage sessions but Susan was again able to bring me back to life with a foot reflexology and therapeutic session . . . . Tremendous reduction in pain, increased flexibility and peaceful state of mind! Thank you Susan"

Andy M, Sarasota - 6/1/2011

"Just had a TANDEM session with Susan & Alyssa. . I hadn't been to Suriel in awhile (My bad!) but Susan has done a tremendous job in relocating (and expanding) to the new space in her building! Alyssa is great addition to the team and she does a great job! I "floated" out, as I usually do after a Suriel session! Thank you to all!"

Andy M, Sarasota - 4/11/2011

"I hurt my lower back (lifting a slate pool table) over 25 years ago and have been living with the knowledge that some day, I'll probably have to have back surgery! ...Needless to say, I have experienced alot of pain in my life! After years of Chiropratic adjustments to my back and neck, I was extremely fortunate to find Susan this past year and Since that day, I've benefited TREMENDOUSLY from her foot reflexology and deep body massage techniques that soothe those pains and enable me to walk, work and function normally every day!"

Andy M, Sarasota - 1/10/2011

"After years of receiving massage and physical therapy for my acute chronic spinal pain, I am thrilled to have found Susan. She does more for me in relieving my pain than any other therapist ever. The therapists that I have been treated by have included everyone up to and including PHD Therapists. Without any doubt, Susan excedes every one of them. Thank goodness for Susan. She is a God-send to me."

Salina O, Sarasota - 12/21/2010

"Susan has a gift for massage therapy. She seems to target right in on my trouble areas, and she takes the time to help make me as pain free as possible. Thanks Susan"

Colleen F, Sarasota - 12/13/2010

““Susan, Thanks for making me all better…… There’s MAGIC in your hands :) ”

Shannon K, Sarasota - 2010""